Tales of a Midwest Lutheran on the East Coast

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Story

Inspired by the moving testimony from a dear friend from college living in Kansas, I too will share briefly why I consider myself part of the 99%. I grew up on a small dairy farm, where my parents and brothers still farm. Life was fairly simple. I didn't have a cell phone and we didn't have a computer till I was in 8th grade, and no internet until high school.We got by, but we were never really well-off.  I'd been on the free or reduced hot lunch program since I can remember, except for one year when we made "too much". That was the year of ham sandwiches for lunch. That was one year out of twelve, for a family of six. But I had clothes and food and books, and that was enough for me. When I wanted something, I saved my birthday money.

Being self-employed, crappy insurance was just another reality for us. Sadly, seminary insurance was a step up for me, and to me, being on ELCA insurance is like a dream! 

Now, my husband and I both went to a private college and to seminary, with the debt to show for it. Similarly to my friend, it would be very financially challenging for us right now to have a child. We are currently doing fine, but that's because we make good decisions (most of the time). But there are many things that we can't do right now, like visiting our families in the Midwest.

Both my husband and I are lucky to be working in a field that gives us great meaning to our lives. But many people don't have that option, and I mourn for them.

This is why I am part of the 99%.

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