Tales of a Midwest Lutheran on the East Coast

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Have you ever noticed that you think of everything in terms of near and far, compared to where you're at, or where you're from Like a GPS, I have realized that I have sense of "home" meaning where I am located compared to the rest of country, even the rest of the world. I have to come to realize that mine has not yet "reset" or "updated" to coordinate to where we have moved too. My internal GPS is still set on Minnesota, or the Midwest in general - I still hear every location on the news in terms of that setting. So I have often lately been surprised by thoughts like, "Penn State... oh wait, that's the next state over! We were in Pennsylvania yesterday!" and "Occupy Wall Street? Oh, yeah., that is just a hour train ride away!" or even "Where did this humidity suddenly come from? Oh, the Ocean, duh!" I have to consciously remember that I am no longer in the middle of the country, but off to one side of it. It's like my "north pole" is no longer where it used to be. Isn't that fascinating? At least I think so.

Speaking of location, I am now one step closer in my call process - things are continuing to go very well, but that's all I can say. I know, the suspense is murder, for the both of us. :)

Which is better, high or low? Both kitties prefer high, which poses a problem...

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