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Saturday, March 3, 2012

There's always hot water on Sunday morning!

Now that we've been here around 6 months here, lately we've found ourselves in a flurry of activity at our apartment lately - rearranging, decorating, getting new things. I think that subconsciously we've realized that we won't be moving in another 6 months, so we can actually start REALLY settling in! Especially since we won't be packing up again in a few months. 

Our first foray onto Craig's list was a rousing success. We found a couple in Hightstown who fell on hard times and were selling some old but solid furniture. We ended up with a beautiful dresser with mirror and a table with five chairs, paying a tenth of what we might have paid for the same things new. Once we scrubbed the grim off (the house they were in was more than a bit shady), we realized what a gold mine we had gotten for a pittance. Now we are really grown up people and can entertain like grown up people! 

I put some wallpaper scraps I had into the selves to make it look less dark. As you can see some of the handles aren't there, but the original owners gave us some off of the end tables that we didn't take. 

We've also rearranged the living room, much to our satisfaction. It has really opened up the room. Unfortunately it was getting dark when I took the picture (farther down). I guess we are here to stay!I am also making plans to create a balcony garden this spring. I was sad that I wasn't able to start one last year, since we didn't arrive until August. But this year I am going to transform our lovely balcony into a herb/veggie/flower jungle! With the weather we've been having, I might be able to start very soon! 

I've been feeling so accomplished in other ways too! I FINALLY tried on and ordered a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding this summer; I'm in the preaching 'rotation' for Sundays and Wednesdays in Lent; and we finally got NJ plates for our VUE.  Go us! 

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