Tales of a Midwest Lutheran on the East Coast

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A few random cultural reflections

In no particular order.


In Minneapolis, rush hour was very predictable. From 7 - 9 AM and 4 - 6 PM. Avoid the heavy trafficed roads during those times and you'll be fine. Or, at least be traveling in the OPPOSITE direction as everyone else. 

In NJ, rush hour is from 6 AM to 10 AM, and 4 to 9 PM. Unless it's Friday or Saturday. Or lunchtime. OK, all hours of the day and night are rush hour around here, unless it's Sunday morning at 7:30 AM. Seriously, best time to drive. (Except NPR is really boring at that time of the week, if you can believe that).


They. Make. No. Sense. Princeton is actually the worst, in a state of already bad. Really? Traffic circles? New Jersey has made an art form out of confusing intersections. And who had the bright idea of building businesses on either side of busy, four lane highways? If you want to get to the Barnes and Noble on the other side of that highway, you have to make a u-turn, then drive up THAT side of the road. Maddening. I don't shop in certain places for just that reason. 

If you want to make a left-hand turn, good luck. Actually, 'jug-handles' are kind of nice for this. 

Most roads are not north-south or east-west oriented. Most major roads go in a north-easterly direction. Why? Because all roads lead to The City (that's NYC for you non-New Jersey peeps).  Wanna go north-west or south-east? Fa-ged-a-bout-it! 

Which brings me to...


The City = New York City
I'm going down the shore = I'm going to the ocean.
Trenton = Don't ever go there
Pizza = best thing you've ever tasted
Tasty Cakes = see above
Diner = ubiquitous place to eat
Wawa = most fantastic convenience store ever
Co-aw-fee = coffee
Cheesesteak = delicious hot sandwich 
Pork Roll = still not sure about that one
Tomato Pie = pizza with reverse toppings
St. Patrick's Day = Irish pride celebrated by drinking, even if you are not Irish.
water ice/ Ritas = yummy alternative to ice cream

This concludes our lesson for today.


  1. Lydia - you are sooooo cute (kind of like my Midwestern cousins, but at least you don't talk as slowly they do.) In Jersey, you can have 5 conversations in the same time as someone from Iowa can have 1.

    Traffic: yes, it's bad but at least our signs are good. Just try to find a new street somewhere across the river in PA. Random signage. Best east-west road: Rt. I-195. Try it. Gets you right to Belmar. Or down the shore :-)

    WaWa is excellent. Especially their coffee.
    Trenton: has a good museum. And the War Memorial for great music. And Trenton Thunder! Go to a baseball game there.
    Pork Roll: don't ask what's in it. (a good reason to be vegan, like me.)

    And it's "Fuggehtabouit" Gotta get that right particularly when you go to the city.

    Keep on blogging.

    Laura (church office one)

  2. Actually, WHYY - the Philly NPR station plays On Being (formerly Speaking of Faith) at 7 on Sunday morning. It's part of my drive to church routine.


  3. Thanks Laura for the corrections. :) and thanks Linda for the NPR tip!!