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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hanging Gardens of Nelson

Our balcony garden is making excellent progress! I've harvested a few green beans already, and some of the snap peas are getting close. I've learned a few things along this journey of suburban gardening, like how to keep squirrels from digging in my plants (sprinkle some chili or curry powder on the dirt) and that green bean stalks will fall over and break with the weight if not propped up (extra wooden disposable chopsticks work well). Here is how much progress has been made in the last few weeks:

These were taken in the middle of May.

This is how it looks today: 

Fantastic, huh?

And here are our kitties, enjoying the nice weather and birds from a sunny window:

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  1. The only time in my life that I was able to grow things was when my husband and I lived in our first apartment with a balcony like yours. I grew tomatoes in a large pot. The tomatoes were wonderful.

    May God bless your garden with much produce!