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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anniversary in NYC

Five years we've been  married now!?! How the time flies (when you're having fun, I guess)! We decided to spend the weekend as far away from the beach as possible (since everyone else heads there for the holiday weekend, I guess that is the downside to getting married so close to the 4th), and where better to find lots of free things to see than NYC! Our one splurge was to the Natural History Museum, where we saw real-live dinosaur bones. We just assumed that they were replicas until we were told that 80% of the bones are the real deal. Wow! They don't fool around. 

We also ate lunch in Central Park and then walked around the neighborhood, cooled off at a Starbucks and walked to Harold Square, I think, down Broadway. We took the subway to our hotel in Chinatown, with it's adorable teeny-weenie Ikea-like room. The original place we were going to eat had closed, and we stumbled upon this great restaurant where we had lamb and veggies for a ridiculous price. Next door we heard they had some "boutze," something we ate and loved in Chengdu, China, and we ate some even though we were stuffed from the other delicious place. Then we wandered around Little Italy and had some gelato. Yum! Look you can see the Empire State building in my picture!

The next day, though it was super hot, we went up to Times Square to see it in the daytime. We cooled off in Bryant Park before wandering around in a Japanese book store before calling it a day. Who would have thought that two hicks from the Midwest would be celebrating five years later in NYC!

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