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Friday, July 1, 2016

Intro to the Summer of Psalms Devotional

This is from a summer devotional I put together and Pastor Egan and I wrote questions for. It includes the Psalms for each Sunday in July and partway through August. I will be putting each week's devotion here as well. 

Here are the instructions:
The Psalms are both poetry and prayer, full of vivid language and honest emotions that invite us to pray along. This summer, wherever you may be, use this devotional resource with family, friends, or alone. After reading the Psalm listed for each Sunday, consider using these reflection questions.

What does this psalm say about God?
Does this psalm get me thinking about Jesus?
What emotions do I notice in this psalm? When have I felt the same way?
Does this psalm comfort me or challenge me?
Is there one verse that particularly speaks to me? Why? Consider memorizing this verse to carry with you for the upcoming week.

After reading through the questions, read the psalm again. Read it several times during the week.

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