Tales of a Midwest Lutheran on the East Coast

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hot off the Press!!!

I had a "first date with a congregation" today! I think that I can say that it went very well. Unfortunately at this point I can't say anything more, but at least I can say that this gets the process going for me! I am so thrilled to be thinking about a congregation in a real way, that it is no longer theoretical.

We made another big step into adulthood - we joined a gym. A nice gym. With all kinds of classes (including yoga, yay!). And a TV at every eliptical and treadmill! It is a NICE gym. And only 2 minutes away!

The unpacking continues.... seemingly endlessly. The kitchen is mostly done, just getting things in the places we want them. Most of our books are unpacked too. The bathroom has been done for a while. Our dining room and living room are still  mostly disasters, but getting better slowly over time. We finally put all of our clothes in the closet! I guess we're here to stay. :) I feel like I have nothing better to report for the time being.

Tomorrow's adventure: the Department of Motor Vehicles for changing our licenses and our plates. No more MN targets on our cars! :)

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  1. Congratulations! God's blessings on The Process.

    And, yoga is wonderful. i have only been going for a few weeks but it really helps reorder my relationship with my body.