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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Prayers in regard to the heroin epidemic

I am part of our NJ Synod Substance Abuse and Recovery and Engagement team, which lead one of the break out sessions during synod assembly. My role was to pray at the beginning and end of the session. This kind of thing is not exactly covered in our red pastoral care book, so here is what I came up with. I hope it can be helpful. The heroin epidemic is not just for the inner cities and urban areas. Kids with sports injuries can be prescribed opiate pain killers, and heroin is a cheaper and easier to get alternative. A shot of heroin now costs less than most 6 packs of beer ( $5-7). See more information on the NJ heroin crisis here.

Holy God, there are so  many forces in this world that defy your will and draw us away from you. This world is in the sway of the devil and all his empty promises everywhere we turn. We and the people we love are in the grip of these empty promises, one way being in the thrall of heroin addiction. Save us, Lord. Rescue us, Lord. Comfort us, Lord, Strengthen us, Lord. Encourage us, Lord. Be with us Lord. Amen. 

Loving God, We thank you for this time of learning and fellowship and blessing one another. You have strengthened and equipped us in mind, body, and spirit to be a resource and representative of your loving presence to our families and friends suffering from all aspects of heroin and drug addiction. Send us out into this broken world that you love to be your agents of peace, strength, and comfort. Amen. 

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