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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The "Summer of Bread" is Coming!

This is a small group/family lead, self-directed resource for weekly devotions and Bible-based discussions on readings from John 6.

Every three years the Revised Common Lectionary cycle, from which we have our weekly scripture texts in worship, has a five Sunday series in August from John 6. In John 6 Jesus reveals himself to be the Bread of Life for his people. Jesus as our bread of life can have many connections to our daily lives: eating, fellowship, communion, stories, and being fed in more ways than just physically. Summer, with all its random schedules and vacation and camps and work and play, can still be a time when we can be fed by one another and by God’s word.

Every Wednesday, wherever we may find ourselves – at the shore, at home, at Panera Bread – we can gather with our families or with friends in order to feed one another and ruminate and “chew on” Jesus’ words together. We can also do this by ourselves. In doing so, may these words be a source of life for you this summer.

Begin together with a word of thanks over your meal. Then, read the texts; next pick one, some, or all of the discussion questions to talk about. Some are better suited for discussion with small children (indicated by *), but all ages are invited to participate. Take 10 minutes or an hour or more – this is your time with your family, friends, or yourself to have a taste or chew on these passages. Feel free to NOT get through all of them, and to ask other questions and discuss other thoughts that the text brings up for you.  

You are welcome to write down your group reflections and email them to the church. Or use social media with #summerofbread15 on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. During August they will be included with the bulletin so that the banquet of connection and reflection can continue to overflow!

What I am posting on this blog is the "e"-version. So that if you didn't get a devotional yet or misplaced it or didn't bring it to the beach/park/roller coaster/mall food court/little league game, you can still access the materials and participate. I will post each devotion on the Wednesday that we have assigned them. This is a holy experiment, so any feedback is welcome!

Pastor Lydia, Pastor Egan, Mike Schmidt
St. Paul Lutheran Church, East Windsor, NJ

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