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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Scavenger Hunts: What I do best!

I'm leading this activity at Miliken Park in downtown Detroit on Thursday.

Detroit Riverwalk Photo Selfie Contest 2015
Be creative! Be respectful!
Post to #RiseUpELCA

Let’s see your best selfie/video as you…
o  Be a vampire next to the Cullen Family Carousel
o  Optional bonus point: Selfie ON the Carousel (rides are $1)
o  Pose with downtown Detroit in the background
o  Do your best Canadian Impression with Canada in the background (optional video)
o  Pose with the Memorial Statue
o  Be a duck/bird/penguin in the wetlands
o  Be a frog impression on Lilly Pad lane
o  Do your best rendition of “this little light of mine” in front of or including the Milliken State Park Lighthouse
o  Do an impression of reeling in the biggest catch of your life from the river or pond
o  Do your best Yoga or Tai Chi Selfies (there are yoga and tai chi groups that often use the park)
o  Do a Tuesday night bus-reenactment selfie
o  Show your best bedhead recreation (or current bedhead)
o  Do your best performance of “Detroit is alive… with the sound of 30,000 Lutherans!” (The Sound of Music)
o  Do a performance of “Uptown Funk” dance moves
o  Pose with anything cool you see
o  Your best map-reading selfie on the giant map in the sidewalk (look lost, point in different directions…)
o  Make up a “Rise Up” Cheer
o  Sing/ reinact any song that has the word “river” in it
o  Sing/act out your favorite Motown song (Google it!)
o  Practice your “wave” for Ford Field
o  Make up your own!

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