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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Grace is free, but shots are not.

I got all my shots today! I got so many because it has been 7 years since my tetanus, and they recommend getting it early to be on the safe side, and also Heb A since it is standard for most kids now and good for most international travel. Typhoid and yellow fever complete the mix. They even gave me cool bandaids. And the barista at Panera gave me a free coffee, even though she had no idea I was about to get jabbed in the arm 4 times. At least they gave me some rad bandaids!

The price tag was a much bigger ouch, though!

Today I also picked up a good deal of  supplies for the trip. It certainly is piling up! Snacks, luggage lock, luggage tags, Dramamine, earplugs... and I ordered a converter and adapter for my electronic devices...also an SD card for my digital camera, since I seem to have lost mine in the move.  I found my neck pillow, and I'm borrowing a travel bag for my alb and stole.

This is not my first rodeo traveling internationally. In January 2011 I traveled to Hong Kong and the Sichuan province in China with Dr, Theresa Latini, newly elected President of the United Lutheran Seminary. It was for a cross-cultural class where we spent a week in Hong Kong and a week in China, visiting churches and seminaries, talking to local pastors, and seeing local sights, like beautiful temples and pandas! THAT trip boasted a 16 hours long airplane trip!

However, this will be my first international trip going solo!

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