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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Upcoming Globe Skimming

I feel as though with my travel itinerary, I will be globe-skimming (or surfing) rather than globe-trotting. I will probably take five whole steps in Qatar before taking off again. Here is what my travel to and from Namibia will look like.

Depart for Philly on May 8- probably around 6 - 6:30 AM to get there by the 3ish hours before international flights. (1 hour drive)
Leave Philly - 10:40 AM  (6:40 PM Qatar time and 3:40 PM Namibian time)
Arrive in Qatar - 6:30 AM local
Depart Qatar - 7:15 AM local (that's 45 minutes!)
Arrive in Johannesburg South Africa - 2:40 PM
Depart J'burg - 5:40 PM local
Arrive in Namibia - 7:00 PM local
1 hour drive to Windhoek, means I'll probably get to the hotel by 9 PM local on May 9th.

My trip back is even easier, with a flight from Windhoek to Qatar to Philly, but once more with 45 minute layover, leaving May 17 and arriving at 8:40 AM Eastern time on May 18th! Who wants to have brunch with a half-crazy-tired, jet lagged me to help me stay awake and reset to to this time zone? :) Namibia is 5 hours ahead of us, for the record.
This is kind of what I feel like I'm going to be doing. Whee!

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