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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

Baptism by fire, baby! That's what Christmas is all about. Just kidding - actually Christmas services went great. And was made even more memorable that the acolyte ALMOST lit my co-pastor's hair on fire, but didn't. Have I mentioned that the pastor's wife puts on a mean holiday spread for the staff and music people between services? This church is totally worth it. :)

I preached Christmas Day, then we hopped in our car and drove down to Sutherland VA to be with Beau's sister and fam. Her husband is from VA, and they moved there about two weeks before we moved - they are now our closest family, "close" being 6 hours away. We survived the drive around Baltimore and DC and arrived to 60 degree weather. They live about 5 miles from a super-important Civil War battle that we've never heard of - Five Forks in Petersburg VA . Their kids loved it. Way cool. We were sad to leave.

Last night, New Years Eve, we did NOTHING but watch a movie and drink a little wine - pretty normal Saturday night stuff. Then services this morning to a pretty low crowd - attendance-wise, not morals-wise. :) This week is when I will finally get to bring in my office things, even though right now I just have a desk in the work room that the interns used to use. The office will be forthcoming, but I am just so excited to have some SPACE of my own and to put my pastor-y stuff!!!

One of the best things I received this Christmas was an awesome hot pad that I warm in the microwave and then put over my shoulders and neck - thanks Mom! And Beau sneakily traded in my old Nook for a deal on a new Nook Simple Touch! I love it! It's so light, and the battery lasts for ever! I even got a good deal on a pretty cover. I've named it Parnassus II, in case you want to know. I was totally not expecting it. I am currently reading the new Bonhoeffer book, which is fascinating.

My ordination is three weeks from today - January 22nd at St. Paul Lutheran Church, where I have been installed. It will be a two-for-one, ordination AND installation service. I'm so excited!

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  1. Great to hear that you and Beau are doing well and had a good Christmas with some family. Wish we could be there for your ordination and installation.
    Love Kevin