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Friday, January 6, 2012

Letter To Myself One Year Ago

Dear me -

Hello. I know right now you are having a life-changing experience in China, but hear me out for a moment. You may be having fun, eating strange food and having your mind blown, but I know that in the back of your mind - our mind - worries are still there. Yes, approval is successfully completed, but there are still so many unknowns in your life - what region will you be assigned? Are you going to be in the Midwest still, or somewhere else? What synod will be crazy enough to take two pastors married to one another? What kind of church will want to interview you? Will you like the bishop? Your future was one bright nothingness, so unformed that you could not even picture in your wildest dreams where you would be a year from this point. Your future was wide open, so open that your brain might fall out just thinking about it. It's pretty scary, in those moments when you actually did stop to think about it.

You have no idea that Beau will get a call before you. That you'll be called to the last place you ever imagined: New Jersey. That you'll spend the summer one foot in the GMI office at Luther and the other at the Garden Inn in Hamilton NJ. That you'll get the apartment of your dreams. That your cats survive the trip. That you would vow never again to use a moving company. That you would have to wait four long months before getting a call (that would totally be worth the wait). That you would actually get to catch up on some reading. That after the congregational vote you would walk back into the sanctuary of St. Paul Lutheran to a standing ovation. That you would actually get to go to Baby Pastor School this year, right after your joint ordination and installation service.

I'm here to tell you it all turns out ok. Though you have no idea what is in store for you, you'll make it through with your sanity intact. You'll even be stronger, more confident once you reach the other side. And that God does some cool stuff in the meantime. So keep on doing what you're doing.

Peace out.

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