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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I can has office?

Yes I can! I no longer have to carry around my office (things I need such as planner, important papers, and upcoming bulletins)! A cozy room next to Jim's office that was once the copy and paper storage room is now mine! I have a window and a desk and a file cabinet and a space heater. Soon I will have a lock on the door and perhaps a table and more shelves. It is really shaping up to really become MY space. The pic I'm including is not current - the copier and file cabinets are no longer in there. Other than that, this is it!!! More pics will be forthcoming.

It is currently the budget-heavy time of the year, with plenty of mind-numbing meetings about things I only halfway grasp. I know that it's important work, but no my most favorite part of ministry. I keep telling people, "This is one of my growing edges!"

We are also revving up for my ordination in just over a week. It's so exciting! My family will be coming in less than a week, so we're starting to get ready for them to arrive. On this Sunday I am also reading scripture at an inter-faith Martin Luther King Jr service in Hightstown. There are some cool rabbis in our ministerium, and I met my first ever female rabbi! I am definitely going to ask her to lunch sometime.

It is starting to FEEL like winter, with some cooler temperatures. No snow yet. I wouldn't mind a bit of a dusting, but people here DO NOT WANT. Which makes sense, because the last two years they've been dumped on.

I my free time I have been reading that new bio of Bonhoeffer - fascinating. And I'm also reading my first ever Stephen King novel, Under The Dome. It is fantastic, and has a lot of interesting connections with faith and God - various characters have various levels and kinds of faith, ranging from a pastor who no longer believes in God to a crazed fanatic using God as an excuse for his horrific actions. I'm going to do a full review of the book once I am done - it is quite a task, being a book of 1000 pages. But I can't put it down!

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