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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beau's first day on the job!

Now that the internet is working again in our apartment, I'll give you a taste of the new Nelson pad. Right now it is a disaster, even though most of our stuff hasn't arrived yet (the movers keep pushing back the date of arrival, which really stinks). I'm going to share some pic of the place sans Move In Phase I (to borrow terminology from a friend).

We live in the Woodmere apartments, and if you would like to write us, our address is 1003 Hughes Dr. #1, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690. 

This first picture is the outside of our apartment, which is on the second floor. We have our own door and we live on the end, which is nice!

This is our kitchen, which is it's own room! It has a dishwasher too!

 Our dining room, also it's own room, is nice and big for when we have people over, which we want to do a lot.
 Living room, with balcony.
 Bathroom, heavy on the ROOM part.
 Balcony, with a lovely vista of trees (yes there are trees in NJ!)

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