Tales of a Midwest Lutheran on the East Coast

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mrs. Nelson goes to the grocery store and other perilous adventures.

The settling continues, aided by the arrival of our stuff - rather the worse for wear - on Saturday. Not only did the moving truck arrive nearly a week after originally promised, but a few of our things were dinged up or broken. Yeah, we knew that we were taking a chance with the particle board bookshelves, but after they left we discovered things like our microwave is now a slightly odd shape, and many of our boxes have gouges and holes. Ug. Darned if you do... at least now we have our bed to sleep on!

The kitties are happy that the Box Mountain is back, but I think aren't nearly as delighted as we are that we have still have ROOM to live! We're going to, miracle of miracles, have room for our stuff and won't need extra storage! Whoo hoooo! On a side note, Beau's church seems to have fallen in love with our cats. I have already received two pouches of treats. They are going to get spoiled at this rate!

Things are slowly finding their place. And we are slowly discovering wonderful things about New Jersey, such as:

 - We have apparently arrived at the beginning of the monsoon season. Torrential downpours every third day, seems like.

- Today's forecast: humid. Tomorrow's forecast: humid. Forever's forecast: FREAKING HUMID!!!

- The bugs at night sound like goats. Speaking of bugs, I was somehow under the impression that praying mantises were native to places like the jungle. Imagine my surprise when I nearly collided with one as I was climbing into the car to go to Beau's church on Sunday morning. HOLY COW these things are HUGE! I had no idea.

- Sticker shock sucks. Gas is pretty comparable, but everything else.... This very morning, as the title suggests, I spent a good two hours in the Shop Rite grocery store, either thinking "Where the heck is the ....?" or "They pay $$$ for THIS?" Granted, they are doing some construction on the building, but still. My spider sense was of no use. At least there is no tax on clothing!!

- I love Chik-fil-A and Wawa coffee and Rita's ice cream!

Well, my friends, boxes don't unpack themselves (unless perhaps "helped" by a cat and followed by a loud crashing sound...).

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  1. At least you aren't almost nine months pregnant...

    My parents made a very similar cross country journey that you and Beau just completed. (From the twin cities to Dover, DE in mid August 26 years ago.)

    When the furniture finally arrived at their new apartment, they barely had time to unpack and assemble the essentials (in a hot and humid un-airconditioned apartment) when my mom went into labor. To this day she still blames me because she didn't get to shower until three days after giving birth...

    Hope that hurricane Irene doesn't cause problems as you continue to adjust to he east coast. Do you miss the Midwest yet?