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Thursday, August 18, 2011

So I'm probably going to bore the dickens out of you...

...but, as a) I haven't started the call process yet and b) our stuff is still en route, blogging can fill up my time! Yay! Seriously, with new things happening every day, life has not been boring since the move. Yesterday Beau had a "successful" first day, if you can call it that, and we celebrated by getting some Rita's ice custard. Mango vanilla crunch = ice custard heaven! Today I went for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, admiring both the high level of humidity and the ritzy houses I walked by. Holy buckets. Not even kidding. I also found a half-off plant sale and purchased some plants and potting soil to green the place up!

The one on the left is for Beau's office, and the center one is the poor violet that hasn't been properly potted for about a year. See how happy it is?

 Our kitties are also acclimating. They are still a little freaked out by the size of the place, which is accented by the lovely hardwood floors. They are loving the deep windowsills, but seemed to have developed a little bit of a separation anxiety complex, as they tend to follow me from room to room. But, overall, I think they approve of the place.

Here we can see the newest IKEA showroom, complete with carpet tester. They seem to have left this one out of the catalog. :) 

That, dear readers, is it for today!

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